SingularDTV: Building a Decentralized Entertainment Economy

SingularDTV: Building a Decentralized Entertainment Economy

The SingularDTV Lightwallet

Allowing for a decentralized distribution protocol that has trustless payment rails inbuilt with no need for a trusted third celebration. The snglsDAO would be the non-revenue governance layer of the SNGLS Protocol.

The Case Against SingularDTV. Why it might be nugatory.


SNGLS launched in 2016 as a TGE, “token generation occasion,” aka ICO. SingularDTV’s mission is to provide content material creators control over their intellectual property and the cash it generates during the distribution process.

This Consumption Rewards mannequin will lead SingularDTV into Phase three, a truly decentralized and free leisure business where the only value exchanged is between content material creators and audience. At that cut-off date SingularDTV will be relieved of its function as surrogate intermediary and will turn out to be just another channel/brand within the decentralized entertainment business it helped to construct. Let’s shortly go through the three phases that embody SingularDTV’s financial mannequin. /PRNewswire/ — SingularDTV declares the SNGLS DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization designed to manipulate the world’s first Media Distribution Protocol powered by the Ethereum blockchain. We need to see SNGLS everywhere, together with Bittrex and Coinbase, accessible and pleasant to all jurisdictions of the world — a real, pure protocol token (extra on this concept later), much like how ETH functions as the gas that runs the Ethereum protocol.

Imagine a platform that empowers artists and creators to immediately transact with their customers and viewers, a decentralized entertainment trade. If you’re an artist this probably sounds too good to be true, but that is precisely what SingularDTV has created on the Ethereum community. SingularDTV has achieved main key milestones and announced the development of SNGLS Media Distribution Protocol ruled by SNGLS DAO which lays the inspiration of a group-owned, self-adaptive and really decentralized entertainment market. SingularDTV is laying the foundation for a decentralized leisure business. The SNGLS Media Distribution Protocol is the business’s open-source protocol.

Santiment is a blockchain data and analytics provider providing content material streams, knowledge feeds and analysis, APIs and its personal ERC-20 token, SAN. There is no dilution through issuance of future SNGLS tokens to lift cash.


The entire enterprise, she mentioned, could be managed with new expertise that offers far higher ease and transparency than with any current methodology, though regulators have expressed some wariness. A top executive on the blockchain specialist SingularDTV said the corporate is “very optimistic” it’ll achieve regulatory approval to enable crowdfunding by way of its platform. Terra is an algorithmically-ruled, seigniorage share fashion stablecoin blockchain platform to which a group of fiat-pegged tokens and a stabilizing cryptoasset, Luna, are native. Synthetix is a decentralized artificial asset issuance protocol consisting of an Ethereum-based sensible contract, an exchange, and a dApp to facilitate good contract interplay.

SingularDTV, the SNGLS DAO, SNGLS 2.0 and BREAKER

Built with the creator in thoughts, Breaker empowers artists and facilitates a direct relationship with their followers. Audiences from all over the world can find bold unbiased content on Breaker, together with the company’s personal original productions. The SNGLS DAO will provide the protocol with a democratic governance system powered by SingularDTV’s programmable token, SNGLS.

As we’ve crossed this bridge, our eyes have opened wider to the possibilities decentralization has to supply, additional empowering our journey, making the overall goal extra actual and attainable. The growth chart of the CODE structure and its launch was Phase 1. Phase 2 is putting our CODE’s tokenized ecosystem to the take a look at with our “Consumption Rewards” mannequin.

This is a 2 year outdated project that still does not have a business model. I understand what they’re making an attempt to perform in making a decentralized leisure trade.


  • These incentives are complimentary and supportive of one another.
  • Theoretically, the SNGLS token could be so great in value that SingularDTV won’t ever have to charge its content material creators or audience a fee again, so long as we retain our store of SNGLS tokens.
  • The following is less a distillation of the SNGLS DAO working whitepaper and more of an account of the assorted elements essential to laying the foundation for a decentralized leisure trade.
  • Phase 1 led us to the conclusion that a new economic model exists that transcends the form and performance of legacy models — we’re coming into new and undiscovered territory.
  • The improvement of the CODE structure and its launch was Phase 1.
  • This remains to be seen and will only occur via abiding by the regulatory means of the jurisdictions SingularDTV and its numerous moving elements function in.

Blockchain leisure platform SingularDTV has employed Hollywood producer Michael Blieden to coordinate its launch efforts. SNGLS seeks to offer transparency for content material creators, and relies on a tokenized Smart Contract System – these tokens are a localized cryptocurrency called SNGLS. This IP drawback has been solved in principle by the info-network convergence the blockchain permits for and solved in-apply by the technology and processes SingularDTV has developed.

SingularDTV has created and is in the strategy of patenting the method of programmatically embedding IP into data vessels (tokens) on the blockchain together with its required distribution infrastructure. It is envisioned for the executive construction of the SNGLS DAO Foundation to be made up of technologists, entertainment executives, SNGLS token holders, and so forth. The SNGLS DAO would be the non-profit governance layer of the SNGLS Protocol.

SNGLS 3.0, so long as the US and Swiss regulatory framework exists to manage it. A income claim could also be enacted by way of the issuance of a separate safety token that is distributed to SNGLS token holders by way of a rigorous KYC course of.

DAO: Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Entech is the convergence of entertainment and blockchain applied sciences. Founded in 2016, SingularDTV is laying the inspiration for a decentralized entertainment industry with its SNGLS Media Distribution Protocol, SNGLS DAO, SNGLS token and streaming portal Breaker.

The following is a breakdown of how SingularDTV, the SNGLS Protocol, SNGLS 2.0, the SNGLS DAO and Breaker fit collectively. snglsDAO is ready to realize the objective of a decentralized leisure industry together with our collaborative partners. The snglsDAO is a governance layer that wraps the protocol in a censorship resistant mechanism we name content material mining. The DAO is run and governed by the group, who controls the parametersof the protocol. The tokens characterize ownership in a unique decentralized organizational construction called a Centrally Organized Distributed Entity (CODE).

SNGLS Media Distribution Protocol

“The Ethereum blockchain represents the best possible potential to realize the construction of a scalable decentralized entertainment business. We consider probably the most revolutionary and progressive minds in blockchain tech are creating on Ethereum, which provides it long-time period viability,” mentioned Lebeau.



For more info on the SNGLS DAO, visit Read SingularDTV, SNGLS DAO, SNGLS and Breakerfor more information on how the varied elements of the entertainment ecosystem fit collectively. SingularDTV, based in Switzerland and New York, has spent the previous two years constructing a platform that lets the creators of movie and music titles a way to get paid directly by fans with out using other distribution platforms.


Hence all the working capital for the project will come from the preliminary ICO and the retained earnings through the storage vault. Also, the team promises to retailer and use solely ETH as an alternative of fiat or other stores of worth.

How many silly blockchain companies are out there with “whitepaper” full of the same factor you dumped this morning ? y’all higher man the fuck up and understand that, although the challenge could also be crammed with people who I despise, this shit TAKES TIME.